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About Craig Chamberlain

about-usBackground: An experienced business professional and entrepreneur, having founded and operated many successful companies related to the arts and entertainment technology, Craig Chamberlain is a Berklee College of Music alumnus, graduating magna cum laude with a degree in Music Production & Engineering. In a career of over 25 years, Craig has risen from having been an audio engineer and stage manager, to leading international companies.

Super Power: Ability to attract screaming children, especially on flights.

Musical Inclinations: Craig loves listening to music from a studious point of view, analyzing composition and production. From a business perspective he has experience in music production and engineering, is a former audio engineer and stage manager, and has managed production companies.

Love to have a conversation with: Cole Porter or Mozart.

Behind the Scenes: In his spare time, Craig is fond of flying and has a Private Pilot's Certificate. Professionally, he has held management positions at major cruise lines, and has developed and operated various arts and entertainment companies.

Coolest Flight: Over Victoria, BC, flying through mountains, before descending over the ocean to circle pods of whales.