My Thoughts On The Grammys

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on Wednesday, 29 January 2014 in Blog Posts

This past Sunday, as I do most every year, I watched the Grammy awards. Here are some thoughts, opinions, and rants:

1.Pharrell Williams should return his hat to the Mountie from whom he borrowed it, and use his residuals to purchase a suit and tie.

2.Nile Rodgers is about the coolest guy on the planet.

3.Don’t forget the “Art”.

The institution that puts together the Grammys is now known as “The Recording Academy”, and is formerly known as the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences. With all due respect to Milli Vanilli, and not much is due, the Grammys are disingenuous is recognizing “art” when a “performance” includes recorded vocals.

4.Don’t forget the Sciences.

The “S” in NARAS stands for Sciences. I don’t think that during a speech by Neil Portnow, the President of The Recording Academy, it’s a time for an audio mix in which the viewers hear the sound of a thousand elephants working upstage of Mr. Portnow.

5.You can tune a piano, but you can’t tune a fish.

I have great respect for new arrangements of well-known songs, and the recent history of Grammys broadcasts including pairings or combinations of musicians not seen anywhere else is usually very enjoyable. One of the most ambitious of these combinations was seen this year with the pairing of Lang Lang and Metallica. While I admire the challenge of such a combination, did it not occur to anyone that Lang Lang’s piano and Kirk Hammett’s guitar should have been tuned to each other?

6.Pink continues to raise the art of “performance”. Her appearance at the Grammys this year left my jaw further on the ground than her previous performances. After a very impressive aerial act, she effectively shows up Nate Ruess in a duet after what must have been an exhausting routine.

7.When shall we three meet again / In thunder, lighting, or in rain?


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