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Arts Education and the Benefits of Early Introduction to Children

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on Monday, 28 April 2014
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artsMuch has been learned about ancient societies by studying human creative endeavors of the past, such as ancient instruments, cave paintings, and architecture.  While fossils and bone fragments can teach us about the biological details of the past, it is yesterday’s artistic creations that help us form an understanding of how past societies functioned.

So, with the clear understanding that the arts contributed so greatly to the development of human society, it’s troubling to witness the push towards limiting arts education, and it’s encouraging to find examples of arts education being valued.

A recent Miami Herald article provides a clear example of how introducing an arts curriculum into a school provides clear and definitive benefits.  The introduction of a music program to North Miami Middle School, in which half the school population has enrolled, has led to a 30% reduction in student behavioral issues.

A common misconception exists that an arts education’s sole benefit is as vocational training.  Clearly, there are many more benefits to an arts education that merely churning out new artists and musicians (as is evident at North Miami Middle School).  The National Art Education Association has provided a list of additional benefits in their “10 Lessons the Arts Teach”:

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