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A Tale of Two (Culinary) Cities

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on Thursday, 13 March 2014
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GUSI’m certainly no expert in culinary arts. In my family, my sister Christine Couvelier reigns as the culinary expert. I have spent more than my fair share of time in restaurants, however, particularly while travelling for business, so I feel I am at least experienced enough to comment on a disturbing trend I’ve noticed.

Within the span of a couple of days last month, I had very different experiences at two completely different restaurants.

One evening last month, I dined at a very well-reviewed and popular restaurant in Miami Beach. This restaurant has a very creative menu, is consistently very busy, and judging from both the velvet rope, and the very nice cars at the valet, it’s very popular with people far more hip than I. After a very enjoyable course of appetizers, our table was approached by a busboy, who proceeded to remove the cutlery from our plates, then place it on the table before removing the appetizer plates. In other words, this very popular (and somewhat expensive) restaurant wanted us to re-use our cutlery for our entrées after having their staff handle it and place it on a table. To my eyes, this practice has become quite common in and around Miami over the past couple of years.

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